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Bindle Turns 9!

There’s something special about receiving products handcrafted by passionate individuals, especially in today’s society where most of the things we buy are manufactured in the masses. At Bindle, we understand the importance of supporting local producers and celebrating the extraordinary talent of local artisans.

Bindle HQ is celebrating 9 years since it was a mere twinkle in the eye of Director Catherine Blackford.

Today it is a flourishing operation, and for the moment at least, sitting pretty in a conveniently positioned warehouse space. Someone once referred to Bindle as a “company”, which had the staff laughing like drains given it’s housed in a modest ground level space and there isn’t a pin-striped suit within cooee of the place.

It is worth mentioning how the Bindle story began…

First a downstairs cupboard in a rental served as storage, and the kitchen table was used for boxing and wrapping. Then Bindle was a solely run operation. A cage in a storage shed followed, as cold as the polar reaches in winter, with lights that needed to be manually turned on every ten minutes which meant fumbling in the dark to find the switch. Ghoulish figures were seen occasionally, which made working there downright creepy.

A larger shed which was light on security and leaked like a sieve in winter came next, with a landlord who made Trump look like a pushover.

It was time to call the shots and make a proper home for Bindle. An inner-city warehouse within spitting distance of home became available. It was slick enough to entertain clients, and roomy enough to provide office and storage space. Bindle had come of age. 


From Catherine – “We have kicked incredible goals; smashed the glass ceiling of challenges; worked with inspirational people. It would be a downright lie to say there haven’t been a few mistakes made along the way – zigged instead of zagged – however we’ve learnt a lot and come up smiling if not a bit wind-swept. Had I known what was ahead of me would I have embarked along this road – hmmmm, yes probably, because I have a curious and tenacious nature. However, I couldn’t have brought Bindle to where it is without my fabulous, talented team who have come on board during the last few years.”

And it’s not so lonely!

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