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Melbourne Coffee Culture

Coffee is more than a commodity for some people. It is an event.

You look forward to the first heavenly hit in the morning and the pick me up in the afternoon. It’s not just to keep us awake, it is the scent and the taste. Whether you drink it with sugar, skinny milk, cream or even whiskey … it is a drink that can suit any being. We have named it the ‘Short Black and Sides‘.


Melbourne embraces the culture called ‘coffee’, a culture we love and respect.

You can’t observe coffee culture in Melbourne without reflecting on the culture of the city itself. Melbourne is the coffee capital of the Nation. Our obsession with the perfect brew dates back to the early ’50s, when Pelligrini’s on Bourke Street first introduced us to the burr of Italian espresso machines. To a city of predominately tea drinkers, those first few sips must have been akin to slurping battery acid.

SO. Why not create another Bindle gift dedicated to this culture and the ‘lust for Coffee’?