Gift Giving Etiquette in the Corporate World

It is important to acknowledge the people who contribute to making your business successful. Gifts make people feel appreciated, and keep you uppermost in their minds. Budgetary restrictions can often have an impact upon the gifting component of your business; however the power of gift giving should not be overlooked in its significance in maintaining strong relationships.


Five things to keep in mind when planning corporate gifts …

1.  Make gifts personal

It always creates more impact when the gift recipient receives something personalized. It indicates to clients, staff and colleagues that you have acknowledged their individuality of expression and the milestones unique to their lives.

Although Christmas is traditionally the most popular time for corporate gifting, think outside the square when planning gifts. Your gift will be far more memorable if it targets key events, which might be the completion of a project, property settlement, birthday celebration or the arrival of a newborn. A personal acknowledgment will prove to be far more powerful in building positive relationships.

It is a great idea to incorporate a gift strategy into your marketing plan to identify key triggers and opportunities for gifting.

2. Create a Memorable Experience

The first impression of a gift is its presentation. Ensure the gift is unique, creatively wrapped and includes a personalised gift card. After the initial ‘wow’ moment, the contents should be of the highest quality reinforcing a feeling of appreciation.

Keep in mind that the gift is a representation of your business and the aim is to create a positive and memorable experience. “Attention to detail” is a key component of the gift experience that reflects well on your business.

3. Be sensitive to cultural beliefs

Be mindful that different cultures celebrate different events through the year. Don’t assume that everyone celebrates Christmas and Easter.

It is also important to take into consideration that alcohol is strictly prohibited amongst some cultural groups, so a bottle of champagne might be welcomed by some and frowned upon by others …

4. Be cautious of over-branding

Although the key objective of corporate gifting is to make your business front and centre of the recipient’s mind, be cautious with over-branding. You may love the idea of a company branded mug or hat, however the odds are the recipient won’t share the same passion for over-branded merchandise. The aim of a gift is to make the recipient feel appreciated, not overwhelm them with your logo.

5. Delivery

The best method of delivery is to present the gift in person. However, with teleporting not yet refined, growing demands on people’s time and geographical challenges, this isn’t always possible. So when purchasing gifts, be sure to make arrangements with a provider who includes shipping options that meet your requirements.

Corporate gifting should not be a difficult task, and the provider should make the process as seamless as possible, and an integral part of the service they are offering. Be sure to specify a gift delivery deadline and remember that shipping times vary depending on delivery location.

About the Author:

This article is written by Catherine Blackford, Founding Director of Bindle, specialising in Australian-made corporate gifts.

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